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Monday, June 6, 2011

Ready to go, no waiting

I like to think that I may be improving with my writings. Though I may not have a best seller, I really do enjoy writing and would like to thank the News Herald for the community media for which they have given us this opportunity to express ourselves in hopes someone will actually read it someday and have the same fun reading it as we did writing it.

Pictures at the beginning are a nice touch, don't you think?

The boards pictured above were just finished and went straight to Craigs list for starters, before being advertised in the News Herald for the weekend in time for Fathers Day. (should that be capitalized) A good writer would have known that!

This is a spec set, meaning no one ordered it and they were made in hopes someone wants them. They are mix or match. Pick two and you have your set. Bags to match. Great idea! My son, Jason, (you can find him at had the idea. "You gotta have something to get right away, something they can just pick up", he said. "Some people want them right now". I never thought of that before. Mine were always wait for an order than start to build them.

This is a good idea. But these are not actually the first ones. The first ones to put "into stock" were the red, white and blue, shown several blogs ago. Remember? One with 50 stars and another with 13 stars accompanied by a couple solid red, white and blue striped boards.

They were for stock and a fellow saw them on Craig's list and wanted one right away. Great idea, Jason!

The other was sold to a friend of Jason after he told them I had them in stock.

Maybe there is something to this "in stock" thing.

Last year, I remember people would call and ask if they could be "picked up" right away and I had to tell them at least three weeks was needed for a custom board set.

A great idea just came from my neighbor Steve. He saw me outside with all the boards pictured above when I was taking photos. He came over to inquire the cost. Then he asked for a blank board set.

He said that he would paint it himself some color of off-white or white and have friends use it for their graffiti wall then when filled to his liking, he would top coat to keep forever.

What a novel idea!

I have often thought of having my grandaughters, Abby and Livi, paint one themselves just to see what they do. I would supply colors of the rainbow, they love the rainbow, and see where it goes.

When they were younger however, this idea would have ended up as solid gray, as they would have colored over everything with every color. But now, I think it would be better. I think this would be a good time to try it.
You can always sand it and start over again. That's the magic of working with wood.

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