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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

One legged table is here!

Two holes are large enough for a liter of power drink of whatever comes in liters and two holes are large enough for regular sized soda cans. Or "whatever" comes in regular sized cans. Someone say MGD?

Here's the really cool part! The table comes as three pieces. One is the main table top. Two, the leg and three is the "ugly stick". The "ugly stick" has a hole in it that goes over the leg and you strike it to get the leg, that is pointed at the other end, to go into the ground. "Ugly stick" is used so you don't hit the leg directly, thus "mushrooming" the end. Because.....the leg has to fit into a hole in the underside of the table and if you hit it directly, you could make the end get bigger than the hole it has to go into in order to function. This is called "mushrooming". So, I have supplied an "ugly stick" to avoid this problem.

Now, this table is not as long as the white one. but it serves the same function. A nice feature is, say for example, everyone is off to sit down away from the one legged table. No problem! Just pick up the whole table with the drinks in place and go sit. The table will sit on any flat surface, bench, picnic table or directly on the ground. So it would serve as a tray as well.

Plus the center is designed to hold a standard seven inch plate.

And one more nice feature is that two stemmed glasses can be supported on the ends. Once again, leaving your hands free to play your game. And finally. The hole on the underside is standard one inch. So you can use any standard dowel rod or pipe to move your table from place to place without having to remove the leg.

  1. Holds most any large and regular sized containers without getting knocked over.

  2. Holds stemmed ware comfortably.

  3. Room for snacks with its seven inch center "landing pad".

  4. Sits flat when not on the leg.

  5. Can be used anywhere, home and away.

  6. Lots of room to keep items like an ashtray.

So no more spilled cans or paper cups that were sitting on the ground.

The one legged table. Brought to you by Lake County Cornhole.

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