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Thursday, June 30, 2011

AND THE WINNER IS......the envelope please...

Recently, I showed a picture of an item I made for my son's wife's mother. That would make her my daughter-in-law, so it's her mother. Anyway, it's her birthday and Dana (daughter-in-law) showed me a picture of this cross looking thing. So, Debbee and I went to the spot where she saw it so that I could get measurements and see just what this thing was and how it was made.

It turned out to be at a local nursery, and the PLANT HANGER had been there for years. It was eight feet tall with a span of six feet and a couple braces supporting the span from sagging under the weight of two huge baskets of flowers.

The nursery used an outdoor 4x4 post for the mast, and an outdoor 2x4 for the supports and the span.
(I say "outdoor" because I can't spell "wool-men-ized") You get the picture.

I went one better and got a 4x4 for the mast and the span and outdoor 2x4's for the supports.

I made a half-lap joint where the span and mast meet, and a small groove in the span for the supports to sit in to help relieve the weight on the supports. I used lag screws for the supports to the span and mast and carriage bolts and then I countersunk washers and nuts and you have one strong PLANT HOLDER.

My son picked it up in a truck on Sunday and I told him that if his mother-in-law gets tired of hanging plants, they could use it for a swing set.

The nice thing about this item is that anyone can make it and it costs about $25.00 in material. And you can hang a lot of flowers and brackets all around the mast and hooks galore across the span.
Let your imagination go!

AND NOW THE MOMENT WE HAVE ALL AWAITED.......(drum roll...........)

JEAN N of SOUTH EUCLID was the first to guess correctly and wins a hand crafted plant stand from the good people at Lake County Cornhole, aka, WWW.LCCORNHOLE.COM

Jean could not be with us today, so accepting the prize is her good friend, Homer.

Thanks to everyone who sent an email guessing the "thing". Some were quite imaginative, and unprintable.

Next up....the WHITE CORNHOLE boards.


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