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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hardest worker in recent memory - revised 6/28

I am sure you have heard the phrase "opinions are like (you know what), cause everyone has one"? This writing is off my usual cornhole banter, but I just gotta get this onto "paper" and off my mind.

I recently had an encounter with a man named Ed Painter. He is doing electrical work in the house so that we can get air conditioning. (I only hope we will use it this summer)
Meeting Ed was not so unusual. Nice fellow, mild mannered, and went right to work the minute he showed up at the house on Friday morning unloading material and tools and taking them to the basement.

And he did not stop!

He told me what he was going to do and he did it. And just kept going.
For nine straight hours, he was at the side of the house, then to the basement, then to the side again, and to the basement. Over and over, all day.

My wife said he stopped and ate lunch while standing at the side of his van.
Then it was back to work.
My dad was a hard worker, and my brothers, and I like to think I was a hard worker in my day as well.
But this guy went far beyond that. I'm talking marathon here!
Now, I know there are guys and gals that have their own stories of things that they have done that may very well compare. But this guy is 56, and I am here to tell you, he did not stop until it was done.

Please don't give me the old "that's what he's paid to do" line. Save that for politicians.
Give credit when it is due.

And my hat goes off to Ed Painter, hard working guy. One of the hero's of the American work force, or what's left of it.

Sonny boy says if you gonna give a "shout-out" at least put in the contact info for the business. So ok, here it is:


There! Now I feel better and can get back to the Cornhole Saga.

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