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Monday, May 23, 2011

A few thoughts while waiting for paint to dry..........

  1. Why do people who do not have a handicapped plaque or license think it is ok to park in a handicapped space?

  2. And why is it ok to park in a spot that is clearly not a parking space, but is actually the end of the sidewalk leading away from a pre-school? In case of emergency, the children should walk around your red Cruiser, is that your plan?

  3. True or False? While in a church for a special event, but not during a service, rather than exiting the row in the usual fashion, it is ok to climb over church pews when wanting to get a better position to take a picture? (Not a child did the climbing, mind you. But an adult).

  4. True or False? It is ok to remove your shoes and put your bare feet on the hymnal on the back of the pew? (yes. it was another adult)

  5. And finally! Multiple choice! A) this writer should mind his own business B) people have lost most of their common sense C) its time again for people to speak out when they see something wrong D) who cares! as exhibited by one through four. Feel better now? My old boss used to ask us that after a good rant.

Ok now, let us get back to work!

Just finished cutting the six inch hole in four more boards. These will be Browns stripes and Steelers stripes. No helmets or logos for a while unless someone orders it specially. They are difficult to do. We will see! Maybe I should have one set ready with the Browns helmet on them. In the meantime, I put on primer and am now waiting for the paint to dry. Back to the shop and time to do my least favorite job. The folding legs of the boards.

One of the hardest parts about making a cornhole are the legs. They should give support to the boards from underneath and they should fold flat when being stored.

My first couple of cornhole sets had stationary legs, meaning they were bolted to the frame and could not move. This made them solid as a rock, but were harder to store and/or transport, especially in a car, because they could not lay flat.

So, I started the folding legs. I don't mean "I" started the folding legs. I mean I just started to make the boards with folding legs. I'm sure folding legs has been done before. First, I would have to use the belt sander to round off the top of the two by fours to a nice rounded end, then clamp the legs where they should be in position, drill the hole through the frame and leg at the same time taking care to be sure we are in center of the frame and going through straight. Meaning not cocked upward or downward, but nice and level. Then we can put the in carriage bolt, washer and wing nut through the frame and leg and give it a test folding.

Many times, they would jam or rub during the closing, which they must not do. They should simply fall closed. When they are sticky, you have to take the leg off, put it on the belt sander and take off some more material and do the test all over again.

Once you have it where you want it, you then trace the good leg onto the next leg to do, and go through the process once again.

Eventually, you would get the proper fit and then you could move onto the next set of legs.
But remember, the hole in the frame is very important. It determines how it will seat against the side and back of the board. And both must seat the same or the board will wobble when the legs are open for playing.

The Patriotic boards that I pictured in the last blog are almost done and will be featured on the website and new pictures will be on a future blog.
That little rant at the top is all true. The four examples were witnessed by me within one hour this morning and all at the same location.

There are things we see, or maybe things that happens to all of us during the course of the day. But this just struck me as "over the top" for such a short time period.

Is it just me?

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