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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Spraying revelation

The pictures are some before and after shots of the latest cornholes to be done in time for a new rental program to be advertised in the News-Herald this week. They need to be done in time for this Memorial Day weekend, and they will also fit nicely into the Fourth of July holiday.

As always, these are painted only and no stickers are used in the finish work.

The ones on the left are not yet finished at this picture , as we continue to experiment with the spray and the final look of the boards. (Trying to avoid having them look like that popcycle with the red, white and blue colors sold off the good humor truck) Of course, the ones on the right are the same boards, only these were taken before we started to work on the final product.

One of the boards is todays flag and the other one is the first official flag from June 14th, 1777 as a result of congressional action on that date. Up until then, there was no formal arrangement of the stars or the stripes. Personally, I always thought the stars were placed in a circle. Maybe Betsy Ross did the round stars, because according the source, Francis Hopkinson did the design we are familiar with today.

The source is

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