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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Now we're cookin',,,,,

And here they are!

Just in time for Memorial Day. I called Robin at the News Herald this afternoon and she helped me with getting an add into the classified section for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. First time advertising in a newspaper for cornholes. She was real helpful and had good ideas about the website as well. And the price for three days was reasonable.

I decided to sell them rather than rent like I first thought of doing. Something about putting so much work into them and then having someone use them for the weekend and send them back abused and broken did not feel right. I have older sets in the garage to use for renting. I am probably paranoid about them, but I would rather have someone that wants them and pays for them and would actually care for them properly. It's hard being a cornhole daddy!

Finishing them was not without some anxious moments though. Thursday morning came and there was still things to do. All the edges were bare and two needed touched up. I was not thinking when I primed them. I should have gone around the edges on four sides and that would have been that. But nooooo! I sat outside on one of our rare dry days last week and simply primed the top surface, then painted everything white, completely ignoring the edges. I must have thought that I would include the edges when I did the spraying .

Well, that didn't happen either. Next thing, I am spraying the frames, then attaching the boards to the finished frames, when suddenly,,,,,hello!!! Bare wood showing! Oh fizzle sticks!!

By this time, the weather is on-again-off-again rain, so I set up shop in the back room of the house which is a screened-in room. With all that ventilation, I am safe in continuing with the spraying to match the rest of the color scheme without choking the kids or Debbee or the dogs.

I cut some clear plastic and used it as covering (like a mask) along with painters tape (the blue tape) and covered everything that I did not want to paint. Tip: You tape the edges of the plastic to your work and this saves you from using a ton of tape. Like using newspaper when painting in your home to protect the floor and molding. Only newspaper might rub off on the white boards and that would be very bad at this time.

Painting the edges worked out well because it did not matter what color I used, as long as it was red, white or blue. They all look great!

I did have a serious problem with the 13 star blue field. When I masked it off a couple days ago to do the upper part of the board, I used regular masking tape (a good brand by the way) and it left a residue on the blue field across the top and down the right side. Not happy with that. Also, one of the wide striped boards had splinter issues around one of the screw heads that needed sanding and touched up. That was pretty easy! Except when I reached for a blue can of spray, I realized that it was not the same shade of blue. And I am not doing the entire wide stripe again.

So here I am! All done! Except the 13 star field and one fat stripe that needed a little touch up. Usually not a big deal, except for the fact that we are spraying and not brushing. So not only do we have to mask everything again, we have to go to Pat Catan's to get the same blue as we used originally.

It's still Thursday morning. I played some Webkinz with Livi while Abby is at school. Livi is done with preschool and Abby has about eight days left. I am anxious to get done with the boards but I enjoy play time with Livi, too. Livi got interested in television after I promised to play video games or bike ride when I got back. Debbee took a phone call from her friend Jean, so it looks like lunch may be a little late, which will work out ok with me. But I have to admit, my anxiety is building.

I drove to Pat Catan's, dashed in, got the paint and some cheap foam brushes (good for Modge Podge) and out in seven minutes. Perfect! Back to work. But hold on! Another thought! Aleci's! Oh boy, pizza dough and that's it. Wanna try it on the grill. Debbee and I were talking just the other day about how I should get fresh dough in the morning and here it is,,,,morning. Maybe some nut rolls, and a box of pizzelle's, and better get some lunch meat, chicken breast and bologna. I think we are done for now! Now gotta get home and finish already. Let's get this done!

I walked into the house and she is still talking with Jean. Makes no matter to me because I can get a spray or two onto the needed areas and it can be drying while I go play with Livi on the video. The weather is once again changing from hour to hour, humidity is affecting the drying time and bike riding will have to wait until Abby gets home, so video games it is.

Allot going on at once!

Not long into our games, comes the call for lunch. The boards got sprayed and are done, the weather clears up, Abby comes home safely and off we go on the bikes. Mommy will be here soon to pick up the girls.


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