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Friday, July 8, 2011

Other people have good ideas, too

First order of business is the plant stand pictured. Jean N won this is the contest I had several weeks ago. Actually, the one pictured had to be reworked somewhat. The edges get a little messed up when the plant stands rub together in the boxes used for craft shows. So that needed attention. Also the top face was softened to give it a "foggier" affect. The finished one looked super. Another fine job by our art department.
Now back to business!
Website and has long told me that the best way to do the cornholes, is to have them in stock. Difficult propostion to say the least. First off, since I started doing these five years ago, I had always done the special order custom type cornholes. Like the one featured on these pages from time to time and shown in the cornhole gallery at
Only recently, with his help, has the idea really worked out very well. The idea of keeping them in stock. And the "his" I refer to is my oldest son, Jason. He's the man behind the websites "Blue Chip" and "jb-cpt". His field of expertise is personal training. I should have half the energy of him and his fellow workout people. I probably did once. Anyway, check out his blog in the News-Herald or go directly to the websites.
But his idea was to have "blank" set of boards available to decorate is always brought up in conversation. And finally, I am glad I did. He did a website for me to get me going, and going it is. Not that I have to rent a factory just yet. But who knows?
He believes it is the blogs that is driving the website. I would like to think so, but honestly, I am inclined to believe it is "Google". Whatever it is, any set featured on the website HAS SOLD.
The Stars and Stripes, (both sets) the Browns MDF prototype set, the Steelers set, another standard Brown set, and another Browns set with the stripes offset for a different look. (and it did look great, if I say so myself).
Now featured is a blank set for the "paint it yourselfer". Or not! An unpainted set will play just as good as a painted set. May need sanded a little, but it will still play.
The other featured set is, of course, the standard Browns set. And on Craig's list, I have this set WITHOUT the bags just to see how that works out. I may do this same thing on the web if I am serious about selling boards only. Wait and see!
The point to all this, is these sells were all IN STOCK. Something I would have not done before. Simply because I would have had them, and no one would have known about it. But now, with the help of this blog and Jason's (actually I do the business on it now) website that he set up for me, I can keep on making them and getting more in stock.
One young women called and asked if I had any in stock and she did not care what they decorated with, just as long as I had them. Well, I did have them! And, BINGO, they were SOLD that same day. Thank you Christy!
Before this revelation, I would sit for hours in the hot sun at the flea market listening to wives and girlfriends tell their partners "look honey, you can make that". But we know they never will.
So I will keep on making "stock". Keep on "featuring the stock" on the website and here in my blogs.
But one more important issue that I may make an entire blog about is this: DON'T BUY A CAN OF ORANGE PAINT AND BROWN PAINT AND TRY TO PUSH IT OFF AS "BROWNS COLORS". BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT!
I was driving Miss Daisey (my wife but don't tell her I said this) around last weekend (the 4th) just taking in the nice day and getting out of the house. And a lot of family gatherings had the cornholes in the front yard for me to examine. They all knew I would be driving around so they proudly put them in the FRONT yard for me to see. And I noticed a lot of Browns fans by the color of their boards. BUT! BUT! C'mon! Try to get close at least to Browns orange for crying out loud.


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