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Saturday, July 23, 2011

AND NOW, INTRODUCING (what daya mean not yet)

This was going to be the Bulgarian Exercise Bag Edition of Cornhole Gallery. But, as luck would have it, out of the 16 Bulgarian Exercise Bags (now referred to as BEBA's) we still have not gotten a good picture of them. Why?

Well, to tell the truth, we have been pretty busy with the cornholes. Four sets in the last two weeks. And then I got lazy when it was Millertime and completely forgot to take pictures of the BEBA's.

So, no BEBA's and more cornholes.

The cornholes were the black and white I showed two weeks ago, and another one is the Browns striped set done in four days, and another was just plain black. That one was interesting. A lady said her daughters wanted to do the rest themselves with fluorescent spray paint, which would be pretty cool.

And the last set due next week is shown below:

Pretty cool, huh?
I put the prices on the MSU because I was going to put this picture on the website,, but I think I will wait until it is done totally. Why show "work in progress", even if this is what it will look like when finished anyway. Just the letters will be "cleaner" and bigger.
I understand these will be taken to Chicago to a couple that attended each school and then got married. One of them should have gone to OSU. Now that would have been interesting.

So next, we will put a couple sets in stock, in anticipation of the NFL strike ending.
And then its on to something else. Maybe a leaning shelf. I like those.

Now go make something. And check in with your local craft shows. They can use your support.


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