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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hello, all over again

What has it been?  Eight months?  Last blog was November 2011.  And the funny thing, I really don't know why.  I just stopped writing one day.  And even this is not flowing the way it used to do.

Before, the words and pictures came so easy.  And now, not so much.

The cornhole website is gone also.  And so are the cornholes.  Reason for that is easy.   Money.  People wanted some outlandish paintings on the boards, but were not willing to pay the true cost.  Sure, I always kept the prices "reasonable", but some of the requests were borderline crazy.  And of course, my promise to deliver in Lake County was my fault.  Some of the boards should have been $150. 00 a set, but the most I got was $120.00.  But again.  That's my fault.

I know I talked about this before, but how many times have I driven by people playing in there front yard with a set of boards that looked like someone threw the paint onto them.  Yet they seemed happy with them.  And they probably made them themselves, or had an uncle do it. 

Like at craft shows, when I show off the "Browns helmet" cornhole, which is just beautiful, do people comment with "nice, but my husband can make that".  Maybe he can, but I guarentee that he won't.  And if he does paint it orange and brown stripes (cause he ain't doing the helmet, that's for sure) the paint will be house paint and will look nothing like the the "Browns orange and Browns brown".

That's the difference from what you make and what I make.  Every color, college or pro, is the true color.

And quality?  My son took a set of my boards to a coaches outing in the Metro Parks one summer.  When he arrived, they had started a game of cornhole on a set from a leading sporting goods store that he coach had purchased.  Then we set of my boards beside their boards.  See where this going?  The sound  of the bags hitting the frame alone was enough to have the other coach pick up his boards and return them. 

Maybe I will try it again.  But this time, I will not be so soft on price.

Next time I want to show you a TRIPLE BUNK BED FOR DOLLS that is finished and delivered.

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